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Success would be yours. Your brave approach would bring in the desired profits. As starts, work related travels would keep you busy and fetch you good gains. Maintain pleasant relations with everyone at work.

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Your sincere efforts would be noticed by the right people and earn you appreciation and a possible rise in reputation. However, be patient as work related confusion is likely to prevail till mid The Leo horoscope favors a desired job change, relocation, a possible raise in income, and a likely promotion this year. Trips to foreign lands are possible for work in , Leo. Leo financial horoscope speaks of a progressive period ahead. With a possible rise in your sources of income, financial stability would prevail. Spending on a religious journey or related work seems likely.

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You may invest in land or property with beneficial results in Purchase of a new vehicle is on the cards this year. Leo horoscope indicates you might earn from parental wealth.

Leo/सिंह - Prediction for the year 2019 By Kumar Joshi

Leo, be extremely careful while carrying out financial transactions. Investing with a female would be beneficial for you this year, Leo. Leo love horoscope speaks of a romantic period this year. Long journeys with partner are on the cards. Spend quality time together for improving mutual understanding. Emotional connection with your partner would considerably enhance. Involvement of a third person might create misunderstandings and hamper your relation. Single Leo natives searching for a partner are likely to find a partner this year. However, avoid hasty judgments.

Think carefully and patiently before taking a final decision. Leo, your marriage life seems rough this year. The horoscope indicates improvements through traveling together. You may plan a foreign trip with your spouse this year. For betterment, exchange gifts and surprise your partner with romantic outings. If you have any children, you might remain stressed because of their studies or related matters. Treat them with love. Guide them patiently and build their confidence level. Leo, your health seems disturbed in An ongoing illness or ailment might keep you stressed and low on spirits.

Avoid overthinking.

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Otherwise, you might feel stressed. Leo has a ton of friends.

The Leo makes a great friend; though as they can be playful as a kitten and are always ready to spread their sunshine around. Beware of their competitive side, though. As your friend, Leo wants to be proud of you and will do everything in their power to ensure your success so long as you don't outshine them. Everyone can be friends with a Leo.

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They don't really discriminate, preferring to have a big mix of people to play with. Leo always wants the best and might take you out for fancy dinners and such. Do not worry if you can't afford it the generous Leo is quite willing to pay. A friend who is not appreciative enough of the Leo's charms and generosity may not get the chance to show it later.

The strength and amorous prowess that Leos possess makes them a natural leader in love. Affairs of the heart will quickly take on a 'me first' quality with the Leo, since they truly believe they are the best and must come first. Leos love to feel good, so they will respond exceptionally well to pampering.

While Leos love to be admired and adored, they can also take the lead in romance, since they believe their strength and power will win the day. A relationship with the daring, yet devoted, Lion will rarely prove dull. This showy cat may need to be lavished with attention, but can also ravish a lover with riches in return.

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The fiery Leo requires a lover who can keep up with them and certainly one who can match wits. The ideal Leo soul mate understands the pleasure principle and will work hard to keep their mate satisfied. The Leo may test a lover from time to time to check how much you love them. Love is a most attractive state for Leos, since the pleasure and fun of the love are all qualities which make the Leo glow. Leo child will be sunny and happy.

This child craves attention and will employ highly dramatic means to get it if necessary. The highest need revolves around being that center. There is sometimes an almost royal luxuriousness and laziness with the Leo child.

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Be sure to give them responsibilities early. They have a tendency to become "bossy" with other children and should be gently persuaded to take turns. The Leo child exudes a special warm radiance which is difficult to resist. The proper use of this charismatic power is part of the lesson to learn. They need plenty of rest, outdoor exercise, and protein. Students looking to study overseas could also get the chance for the same in this year. Find your horoscope and Astrology from Kamal Krish Kapoor, You can also find daily horoscope, weekly horoscope, monthly horoscope and yearly horosocpe, only by KamalKapoor. Are you looking for a satisfying and fruitful Telephonic consultation about your life's pertinent issues with a competent Astrologer? Then you have just come to the right place. Free Leo Horoscope Hard work will be rewarded in this year, and there is no shortcut for the hard work.

Hectic work schedule could give you undue stress.

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  7. Bosses unappreciative attitude could discourage you from giving your best. In case of you running a business chance of reduced profitability or unplanned expenditure is a possibility in this year. Try to put on hold any new ventures or any speculative activities. You are likely to experience hurdles in your love and married life. Unmarried people can find a suitable match after a lot of efforts. Spouse erratic behavior could give you lots of mental stress.